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Quay Reel

Quay Reel:
A New Efficient Tanker
Loading & Unloading System

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GMPHOM 2009 CompliantOffloading Hoses 

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MIB Break

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Robust and Reliable Mooring systems  

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Recent News

Offspring at ADIPEC 2018

Offspring International will be exhibiting at ADIPEC 2018 in Abu Dhabi, 12-15 November, on

Enhance Mooring & Offloading Operations with OIL at SLOM 2018

OIL has co-authored three papers for the conference with Offspring’s Dave Rowley present

CEPSA extends Quay Reel offloading facility

Cepsa has ordered an extension to its Quay Reel terminal loading and unloading facility at

Offspring International signs International agent agreement with Manuli Hydraulics’ Oil & Marine Division

Under the agreement, Offspring will offer Manuli single and double carcass floating marine