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20 Apr

CEPSA extends Quay Reel offloading facility

Integrated energy company, Cepsa (Compañía Española de Petróleos, S.A.U.), has ordered an extension to its Quay Reel terminal loading and unloading facility at Huelva, Spain. The extension will enable the terminal to offload highly volatile compounds, such as phenol, allowing reclamation of vapours in line with the latest EU regulations as well as providing additional offloading reels.

Available from leading mooring and offloading systems supplier, Offspring International (OIL), under a global primary agent agreement, the Quay Reel flexible hose system reduces loading times by up to 60%. Developed by fluid transfer systems specialist, Techflow Marine, Quay Reel offers simultaneous product transfer, removing a significant barrier to efficient tanker loading and unloading.

Mark Brooks, sales and marketing director, Offspring International said, “CEPSA’s decision to extend the Quay Reel is testament to the benefits of using the award-winning offloading system to reduce loading times, as well as saving tankers up to 400T of fuel a year resulting in a 20% fall in CO2 emissions.”

Conventional quay-based loading systems utilise loading arms which cannot cross, making the system prone to high loading times. This arrangement limits the number of products that can be loaded at any one time as well as forcing tankers to move to load other products. Quay Reel’s flexible loading system allows simultaneous loading and offloading, reducing operation times and enhancing terminal capacity.

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