After Sales Service

Offspring International offers a comprehensive after sales service designed to assist operators to understand the SPM mooring systems behaviour and performance in specific field operations including residual strength testing of used / retired mooring hawsers.

In addition, OIL offers a complete SPM after-sales service including on-site visits including rope usage optimisation and logistics supply operations.

Residual Hawser Strength Testing

Offspring International can assist operators to understand hawser behaviour and performance in specific field operations by residual strength testing of used / retired mooring hawsers. In this way we are able to optimise the hawsers performance for maximum operational life.

Lankhorst Ropes Offshore Division’s 1,200T rope test machine


Our fully equipped laboratories in Portugal have the capability to analyse mooring hawsers for condition, signs of internal abrasion damage or ingress of foreign particles, and perform residual break tests.

This information will help operators to understand the hawsers in use at their terminal and make better informed judgements on current and future retirement programmes.

Our engineers are able to offer advice and guidance on optimising hawser performance.

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