Breakaway Hose Coupling

MIBreak breakaway coupling is designed to minimize the effect of tanker breakout and internal pressure surge events. Its ‘next generation’ rapid response, petal valve design minimizes oil spills, yet is easy to reset on site- reducing terminal downtime following an incident.

Next Generation

MIBreak is a ‘next generation’ marine breakaway coupling more in tune with the demands of today’s offshore environment for dedicated SPM terminal couplings. The coupling’s petal valve closure design sets a new benchmark for minimal oil leakage, and petal valve engineering integrity, in marine breakaway couplings.

Unique On-Site Reassembly After Activation

The MIBreak breakaway coupling is an essential component in maintaining the environmental integrity of tanker offloading operations. It is designed for maximum utility through its unique on-site reassembly after activation – the MIBreak can be quickly back in service, reducing terminal downtime following an incident. There is no need to return the coupling to MIB to be reset.

MIBreak – Outstanding Pedigree

MIBreak is designed and manufactured by MIB Italiana, the leading supplier of emergency disconnection systems for the oil and gas industry. Advantages over other breakaway couplings include:

– Innovative petal valve design minimises spillage and optimises surge protection.

– Passive hose string protection against tanker breakaway and excessive internal surge pressures.

– Unique on-site reassembly after activation – no need to return to base allowing terminal operations can quickly resume.

– On-site preventative maintenance programme ensures longevity of coupling service life.

For more information on the Breakaway Coupling download the MIBreak Brochure or contact Offspring International


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