Oiltech Winker Light

Marine floating hoses form a critical part of many oil and gas installations. However, collisions with marine craft are a major danger to these hoses. Brightly coloured marine hoses attract attention during daylight hours but at night they can be invisible to the naked eye.

Oiltech’s state-of-the-art LED Floating Hose Lights at intervals along the length of the hose provide a flashing warning light alerting vessels of the floating hose. Mounted on top of the composite body, the hose light is fully submersible and the internal solar power generator provides 3nm output for up to 5 years maintenance free operation. The composite body, with stainless steel cage and fasteners, is also maintenance free. The Oiltech hose light is easy to install, as there are no heavy steel parts other than the mounting bracket that is bolted to the flange during hose assembly.



• 3nm (5.5km) LED IALA Lantern – white or yellow
• Solar charging of internal battery for continuous 5 year operation – subject to insolation levels
• Automatic daytime charge / night operation
• LED life – > 100,000 hours
• IP68 – capable of prolonged immersion
• Selectable flash patterns
• Temperature range -30°C to 50°C
• UV stabilised Lexan Polycarbonate lens.


• Standard body height – 450mm
• Body material – composite
• Cage and fasteners – 316 stainless steel
• Mounting bracket – Galvanised steel 20mm thick, sized to suit specific hose flanges.


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