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26 Apr

South American Success for Offspring International

Offspring International (OIL) has recently supplied a range mooring equipment to multiple terminals across Ecuador, Chile and Argentina. As a result of the positive response to Offspring’s mooring and offloading equipment, OIL has expanded its range available in South America.

Commenting on OIL’s gains in the South American market Egbert Wibbelink, business development manager, Offspring International, said “As well as expanding our product range in South America Offspring has also been promoting mooring and terminal best practice. To do this OIL recently ran a successful series of technical workshops in Ecuador and Colombia. The talks covered a wide range of mooring and offloading topics including terminal engineering, SPM monitoring and telemetry systems, and the innovative Quay Reel terminal loading and unloading system”.

Quay Reel: A New Efficient Tanker Loading & Unloading System

Conventional quay-based loading systems utilise loading arms making the system prone to high loading times as the arms cannot cross each other. This arrangement limits the number of products that can be loaded at any one time and as a result tankers must move to load other products. Quay Reel’s flexible loading system allows simultaneous loading and offloading, reducing operation times and enhancing terminal capacity.

For more information on Offspring International’s range of mooring and offloading systems call +44 (0)1384 453880, and email:

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