Project Management

Offspring International is committed to providing the highest quality products and exceeding clients’ expectations on every project we undertake. For a project to be a complete success it must be delivered on time, to budget and meet all technical requirements; Offspring’s project management expertise is decisive in achieving all these requirements.

At the start of a project a dedicated Project Management Team is established, the team will make the key decisions in ensuring the project’s progress. The start of the project will also see the lines of responsibility and communication, both internally and externally, determined. Effective communication is key to all project stakeholders working in a co-ordinated and successful manner. All members of the organisation and our supply partners understand the importance of meeting each and every technical specification, requirement and project milestone, from the mechanical properties of the product to the on-site delivery.

Project Quality Plan
Every Offspring International project has a Project Quality Plan (PQP), which includes all aspects of the project’s execution: design, manufacturing, inspection, testing and delivery.

PQP is based on a “process approach” that systematically develops, implements and aligns the quality management system to meet the requirements for each project. In so doing a project specific Quality Management Plan is developed that sets out specific quality practices, resources and sequence of activities relevant to design, manufacture, inspection, testing and supply of Offspring’s products.

In the right place at the right time
Offspring understands the importance of logistics in the successful completion of a project, ensuring all components are supplied in the right place, at the right time and in the right condition. This means that we place great emphasis on the packing, handling and shipping of our products, using only highly qualified sub-contractors with dedicated personnel at all times while our products are in transit.

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