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07 May

Breakaway Couplings just got better…

As production moves further offshore, so the risk of tanker breakaway during buoy offloading is increased. Offspring International now offers the MIBreak marine breakaway coupling that overcomes issues currently experienced with other breakaway hose couplings.

No more leaks

This next generation breakaway coupling addresses many of the issues encountered with current breakaway couplings. The MIBreak has many features that contribute to its unrivalled ability to reduce oil spills. The sophisticated petal valve design minimises spillage and optimises surge protection, while the titanium alloy weak-bolts activate automatically when a pre-set load is exceeded up to a max of 50 tons or 40 barg of internal pressure.

On-site reassembly

Importantly the MIBreak ‘breakaway coupling is the first to feature onsite reassembly, allowing it to be put back into service quickly, and reducing terminal downtime following an incident.

Dave Rowley, Director, Offspring International, said, “The MIBreak is a major improvement in breakaway coupling performance and will raise the environmental integrity of SPM offtake operations for the industry.”

Purchase / Lease Buy

The MIBreak is available as either an out-right purchase or a 24 month lease / buy option – contact Offspring International for more details.

MIBreak is designed, developed and manufactured by MIB Italiana, the leading supplier of emergency disconnection systems for the oil and gas industry. MIB systems are used in some of the world’s most demanding environments including floating production platforms, FPSOs and other installations susceptible to adverse conditions such as hurricanes, typhoons and icebergs.

For further information on MIBreak contact Dave Rowley, Director, Offspring International on email:, and visit

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