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26 Sep

Increase Terminal Safety & Availability with Offspring International at SLOM 2017

Offspring International (OIL) will be attending SLOM 2017, the 13th edition of the event, in Colombia on 3-5 October. OIL has co-authored two papers for the conference with Paladon Systems’ Brian Ennever presenting ‘PLEM Valve Control Options’ and, Offshore Ops’ Paul Wartnaby presenting ‘Hawser Load Monitoring: The Intension of Tension’.

PLEM valve control is an area of growing importance for terminal managers as the smooth operation of these valves is critical to maximising tanker movements and trouble-free scheduling. Offspring International offers a range of PipeLine End Manifold (PLEM) control systems under an exclusive agreement with valve actuator manufacturer Paladon Systems. The PLEM valve control systems can be operated from the surface or subsea, and autonomously with the innovative Autonomous Shutdown Valve (ASV).

Suitable for both CALM buoy and conventional buoy mooring systems, the ASV is a self-contained subsea package comprising PLEM valve, spring-return actuator and long-life, battery control system. The ASV is designed to remove the reliance on or eliminate the need for a surface control umbilical or diver intervention, extending terminal operating availability.

Hawser Load Monitoring

Paul Wartnaby’s presentation shows how terminal managers can utilise telemetry from the SPM to make quicker and better-informed decisions on terminal availability, as well as, minimising downtime through predictive wear analysis and planned maintenance to extend asset service life.

Hawser load monitoring is just one element of OIL’s Offshore Ops Integrated Terminal Management System. Fully compliant with OCIMF SMOG 2015, the Offshore Ops system provides terminals with both ‘live’ environmental and operational data, as well as, historical offloading records, significantly reducing risk and enhancing mooring and offloading safety and performance.

Please join us on Offspring International’s stand at SLOM 2017 to discuss your PLEM Control, Terminal Management or Mooring and Offloading needs. For more information call +44 (0)1384 453880, or email:

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