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21 Oct

Lean Installation – Deepwater Moorings with Lankhorst Ropes and Offspring International DOT 2010

‘Lean Installation’ of deepwater mooring lines is the theme of the Lankhorst Ropes Offshore Division booth at DOT 2010 in Amsterdam, and Offspring International’s DOT conference paper ‘Deepwater Mooring Ropes prepare to go Deeper’.

A leading manufacturer of deepwater mooring ropes, Lankhorst Ropes Offshore Division has supplied polyester mooring ropes to a number of deepwater mooring projects including Chevron’s Tahiti Spar and Murphy Exploration and Production Company’s Thunder Hawk floating production unit in the Gulf of Mexico. The booth will feature the innovative LankoFirst connector for fibre rope to fibre rope (R2R), fibre rope to wire rope (R2W) and fibre rope to chain (R2C) mooring line connections. The connector will reduce the time needed for deepwater mooring line deployment, while improving the engineering integrity of the mooring line.

‘Lean Installation’ of deepwater mooring lines is an approach that is gaining traction amongst operators and installation contractors. It provides a framework for deepwater mooring based on:

– eliminating waste: through accurate rope length and reducing mooring line deployment times,

– adding customer value: through lower mooring line deployment costs and higher quality connections,

– improving performance and transforming the deepwater mooring process: streamlining connection assembly and higher integrity mooring line connections.

Deepwater Mooring Ropes prepare to go Deeper – DOT Conference paper

David Rowley, director, Offspring International Ltd, worldwide agent for Lankhorst Ropes Offshore Division, is presenting a paper entitled ‘Deepwater Mooring Ropes prepare to go Deeper’ in the DOT conference, Session 4: Mooring & Station Keeping, December 1 at 11.00.

The paper reports on the latest developments in deepwater polyester rope manufacture and testing, together with the ‘Lean Installation’ enabling technologies that will allow operators to develop deepwater fields.

For more information on ‘Lean Installation’ of deepwater moorings contact David Rowley, director, email:

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