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28 Apr

MIBreak…Setting the Standard

MIBreak is setting the benchmark for marine breakaway couplings with testing and qualification. A new approach developed in collaboration with a leading OEM and witnessed by DNV, the test assessed the key components of the MIBreak within a hose offloading system including a simulated pressure surge event.

The bespoke qualification test included: Pressure breaking activation, High Pressure activation simulating a surge pressure event, Cyclic Load Test simulating a reeling application, Full Dynamic Tests similar to the GMPHOM 2009 hose prototype tests.

After passing all of the examinations the MIBreak marine breakaway coupling is now minimizing the effect of tanker breakout and internal pressure surge events in several projects around the world having been recently supplied to three leading providers of offshore oilfield services. The MIBreak features the unique capability for on-site reassembly, a petal valve design and passive monitoring, producing a marine breakaway coupling more in tune with the demands of today’s offshore environment for dedicated SPM terminal couplings.

Commenting on the MIBreak Dave Rowley, director, Offspring International said, “Featuring benchmark setting technology for minimal oil leakage the MIBreak marine breakaway coupling offers tailored, efficient and long lasting protection for SPM offloading systems. The MIBreak’s petal closure speed can be customised on the upstream side allowing operators to prevent the risk of additional surge events should the breakaway coupling activate”.

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