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31 Jul

Offspring International Announces Oiltech Surge Protector

Offspring International has announced a rapid response, surge protection system for terminal loading hoses. Called Oiltech Surge Protector, the hose monitoring system offers a smarter and more sensitive way of detecting hose overpressure during tanker loading. If a pressure surge is detected, pumping operations are automatically shutdown.

According to the International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation (2013), the highest incidence of tanker related oil spills is during loading operations. When a surge event occurs, a single point moored buoy’s safety valve will divert oil into a dump tank if present, preventing damage to the loading system but incurring a high clean-up cost. Without a dump tank there is little protection against potential damage to the pipeline and hoses other than the pressure monitoring system on the SPM, which will shut down the pumps when a high pressure is recorded and damage has potentially already occurred.

Oiltech’s Surge Protector provides a rapid response to surge events for conventional (CBM) and multi-buoy moorings (MBM), and single point mooring terminals by monitoring pressure at the tanker’s camlocks. The portable, self-contained Manifold Pressure Monitoring System (MPMS) transmits encrypted telemetry from the pressure sensor unit to a terminal-based control station connected to the pumping station. Once pressure exceeds a pre-set threshold, the Oiltech system will automatically shut down loading operations.

Dave Rowley, director, Offspring International said, “The Oiltech Surge Protector will significantly reduce the time taken to respond to surge events. It will also allow crews to work in a safer environment, prevent damage to hoses, buoy, pipeline end manifold (PLEM) and pipeline and avoid loading disruption from damaged hoses requiring repair, replacement and recertification.”

Oiltech is a brand of Offspring International offering technology systems to enhance loading and offloading operations.

For further information download the brochure or contact Offspring International by calling +44 (0) 1384 453880 and email Further details can be found at

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