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26 Apr

Offspring International introduces Mooring for Renewables

Offspring International (OIL) is now able to offer an integrated design, analysis and supply package for floating offshore wind and wave energy moorings. Utilising over 25 years’ mooring experience and working with specialist mooring engineers, Moorsure, OIL can analyse the most challenging offshore environments to supply the mooring system best suited.

Floating wind farms operate in deeper water than tower turbines and provide a tougher environment to operate in. Offspring offers Offshore operators reliable mooring systems and efficient installation for this demanding mooring environment as well as an integrated supply of hardware including fibre rope, chains, links and anchors.

Commenting Mark Brooks, Sales & Marketing Director, Offspring International said, “The fall in price of offshore wind and the move to farms in deeper water where there is a more consistent supply of wind will see an increase in demand for floating turbines. Offspring has almost 30 years of experience of working in the offshore industry, gaining a wide range of expertise that can be applied to these developing offshore applications.”

For more information on Offspring International’s range of mooring, offloading and control systems call +44 (0)1384 453880, email: and visit the Renewable Energy Moorings page.

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