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04 Nov

OilTech Surge Protector at Monobuoy 2014

Offspring International will be at the Society of Latin-American Monobuoy Operators’ (SLOM) 10th Monobuoy and Oil Terminal Operators conference in Colombia, 26-28th November 2014 on Booth 9. The conference brings together over 200 directors, managers, superintendents, operators, suppliers, consultants and manufacturers from the oil industry to meet industry colleagues, discover innovative new technologies and exchange knowledge.

Offspring director Dave Rowley will also be presenting ‘OilTech Active Surge Protection for Loading Terminals’ at the conference. OilTech’s Surge Protector provides a rapid response to surge events for conventional (CBM) and multi-buoy moorings (MBM), and single point mooring (SPM) terminals by monitoring pressure at the tanker’s camlocks. Once the Manifold Pressure Monitoring System (MPMS) detects pressure exceeding a pre-set threshold, the Oiltech system will automatically shut down loading operations.

Dave Rowley, director, Offspring International said, “The OilTech Surge Protector will significantly reduce the time taken to respond to surge events. It will also allow crews to work in a safer environment, prevent damage to hoses, buoy, pipeline end manifold (PLEM) and pipeline and avoid loading disruption from damaged hoses requiring repair, replacement and recertification.”

The MIBreak maritime breakaway coupling will also be presented at the conference by MIB Italiana’s Matteo Suzzani with ‘MIBREAK: A New Approach to the Qualification and Testing of Marine Breakaway Couplings’. The MIBreak is designed to minimize the effect of tanker breakout and internal pressure surge events. Its ‘next generation’ rapid response, petal valve design minimizes oil spills, yet is easy to reset on site- reducing terminal downtime following an incident.

For more information on Offspring International’s range of single point mooring and offloading systems call +44 (0)1384 453880, email: and visit

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