Offshore Ops Integrated Terminal Management


Offshore Ops’ Terminal Management System allows oil terminals to maximise terminal availability and efficiency, increase safety, reduce operating costs and reduce environmental incidents.

Offshore Ops, working in partnership with Offspring International, offers industry leading software and technologies for mooring and offloading operations. Offshore Ops’ fully OCIMF SMOG 2015 compliant Integrated Terminal Management System has been systematically developed over 12 years to provide ‘live’ data on a wide range of operational and environmental factors, as well as effective operations management, significantly reducing risk and enhancing mooring and offloading safety and performance.

Part of Offspring International’s growing range of equipment for SPM and CBM terminal systems, the compact modular system offers a range of terminal management, environmental and equipment monitoring devices, seamlessly integrated into a single, secure software package.

Offshore Ops – Enhanced Terminal Monitoring

Offshore Ops’ Integrated Terminal Management System has been developed based on the needs of single and multi-operator terminals. It comprises an array of sensors on the offloading buoy, together with a portable monitoring unit used by the mooring master on the tanker, providing ‘live’ data on all aspects of offloading operations.

Benefits of the system include the ability to maximise Uptime and minimise Downtime, by monitoring various offloading and weather conditions to ensure it is safe to continue to operate.

Improved Mooring Operations

Combined GPS and compass heading monitoring of both the buoy turntable and tanker ensures trouble-free moorings. Tanker disorientation can be picked up early, allowing corrective action to be taken. In the event the buoy moves off-station, indicating a possible mooring chain failure, the Offshore Ops system will automatically issue an alert.

The Offshore Ops Telemetry Monitoring System

Data can be monitored from multiple locations within the terminal, the tanker and even the world using a secure internet connection. Receiving ‘live’ data from the SPM / CBM and portable vessel monitoring system ensures informed decisions can be made and implemented immediately, while recorded data can be used to monitor performance over time and lessons learnt. All buoy and tanker data is encrypted during transmission.


System Equipment

Offshore Ops and Offspring International share the philosophy that, for the duration of transfer operations, the entire SPM buoy should be classed as either Zone 1 or Zone 2; as a result all equipment installed on the buoy is either EexD or IS rated. The modular nature of the system allows essential units to be installed initially and further units to be added later as the requirements of the terminal develop or as desired.

Vessel Monitoring System

In addition to the monitoring equipment permanently installed on the buoy, the Offshore Ops Vessel Mooring System (VMS) is monitored on portable equipment taken on board the Tanker for final approach. Once moored, SPM excursion limits, Tanker excursion, Hawser Loads and Tanker manifold pressure monitoring are monitored real time together with all SPM and environmental data .

To find out more download the ‘Offshore Ops Integrated Terminal Management Systems Brochure’ or contact Offspring International

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