Chain Support Buoys

When the berth is unoccupied, each chafe chain may be supported by flotation devices.

Offspring International offers a range of chain support buoys with a typical reserve buoyancy of 900kg up to 5000kg – in addition, our flexible manufacturing process allows us to produce products to suit our customers exact buoyancy requirements.

Swivel End Type Buoy copyright Sofec Inc. 2009. All rights reserved.

The buoys can be supplied with swivel eyes top and bottom for connection by a short length of chain to the end link of the chafe chain, adjacent to the hawser.

Alternatively the buoys can be supplied as a chain through / locking plate arrangement chain support buoy.

Our chain support buoys have a reserve buoyancy equivalent to at least 20% of the weight in air of the material supported. We also supply pick-up buoys with reserve buoyancy of up to 500kg.