Quay Reel

Efficient Tanker Loading & Unloading

The Quay Reel system offers significant improvements over conventional port and terminal fluid transfer systems including reduced loading times, smaller footprint, and increased safety and reliability.

Conventional quay-based loading systems utilise loading arms making the system prone to high loading times as the arms cannot cross each other. This arrangement limits the number of products that can be loaded at any one time and as a result tankers must move to load other products. Developed by fluid transfer systems specialist Techflow Marine, Quay Reel’s flexible loading system allows simultaneous loading and offloading, reducing loading times and enhancing terminal capacity.


The technology used in the Quay Reel loading and unloading system is proven across 100+ separate projects in the Offshore Oil and Gas industry where over 1000 reels of this type have been supplied.

For more information on the Quay Reel system download the Quay Reel Brochure or contact Offspring International.

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