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28 Apr

Reduced Tanker Loading Times with Quay Reel

Available from Offspring International under a global primary agent agreement, the Quay Reel terminal loading and unloading system reduces loading times by up to 60%. Developed by fluid transfer systems specialist, Techflow Marine, the Quay Reel flexible hose system offers simultaneous product transfer, removing a significant barrier to efficient tanker loading and unloading.

Conventional quay-based loading systems utilise loading arms which cannot cross, making the system prone to high loading times. This arrangement limits the number of products that can be loaded at any one time as well as forcing tankers to move in order to load other products. Quay Reel’s flexible loading system allows simultaneous loading and offloading, reducing operation times and enhancing terminal capacity.

Mark Brooks, sales and marketing director, Offspring International said, “A low oil price means operators are looking for efficiencies across production. Utilising Techflow Marine’s award winning Quay Reel reduces the service life costs of offloading infrastructure, offers fuel savings for tankers and enhances capacity, allowing for sustainable increases in terminal demand.”

Quay Reel® Wins Gold at Edison Awards

The Quay Reel® flexible tanker terminal loading and unloading system was awarded Gold at the Edison Awards 2016 in New York. The Quay Reel® loading and unloading system’s innovative design was recognised by the Edison Awards for its contribution to the transportation and logistics of materials handling. Inspired by the renowned inventor Thomas Edison, the Edison Awards aim to recognise, honour and foster innovation and innovators to create a positive impact in the world.

For more information on the Quay Reel terminal loading and unloading system download the Quay Reel® Brochure or email:

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