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15 Feb

Seven Marine Breakaway Couplings for Saudi Arabia

Offspring International (OIL) is supplying seven MIBreak’s to a Saudi Arabian customer. OIL will provide four 24” reducing to 16” breakaway couplings and three 12” breakaway couplings. The MIBreak marine breakaway coupling provides passive hose string protection against excessive axial tension and / or internal surge pressures and is readily customizable to suit specific single point mooring (SPM) and terminal operations.

Automatically activated when a pre-set load is exceeded, the MIBreak’s rapid response, petal valve design is easy to reset on-site after activation, allowing terminal operations to quickly resume. Seamlessly integrated within the floating hose string, a full-bore design ensures uninterrupted flow and zero pressure loss.

Commenting on the MIBreak, Mark Brooks, Sales & Marketing Director, Offspring International said, “The MIBreak’s design ensures safer hose transfer operations by automatically responding to tanker breakaway and internal surge pressures, minimising oil spills and damage to hoses and fittings.”

Flip Flap Coupling

Offspring International has added MIB Italiana’s Flip Flap to its range of marine breakaway couplings. The Flip Flap provides passive hose string protection against excessive axial tension and internal surge pressures during hose transfer operations.

The two halves of the Flip Flap separate once either a pre-set load, internal pressure or combination of both activates the weak-bolts. As the discs close liquid transfer is prevented, containing liquid within each section of the separated hose.

Download the MIBreak and Flip Flap Marine Breakaway Coupling Brochure

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