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06 Sep

Enhance Mooring & Offloading Operations with OIL at SLOM 2018

Offspring International (OIL) will be exhibiting SLOM 2018 in Quito, Ecuador, 3-5 October. OIL has co-authored three papers for the conference with Offspring’s managing director Dave Rowley presenting ‘Case Study of Telemetry System for LOOP Terminal in the US GOM’, sales and marketing director Mark Brooks presenting ‘Discussion on Rope Constructions, Materials and what it means in the real world’, and regional sales manager Egbert Wibbelink presenting ‘Continuous Long Length Rubber Hoses’.

The Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP) is one of the busiest terminals in North America and the only deepwater oil port in the USA. OIL’s Offshore Ops telemetry system has successfully operated on one of the SALM buoys at the LOOP terminal for over a year and is now being deployed to all the buoys. Offshore Ops’ fully OCIMF SMOG 2015 compliant Integrated Terminal Management System provides ‘live’ data on a wide range of operational and environmental factors, significantly reducing risk and enhancing mooring and offloading safety and performance.

SPM Ropes in the Real World

Single Point Mooring rope performance is determined by several factors. Offspring’s presentation looks at various rope constructions and examines the impact of their characteristics as well as looking at the effect of material selection. Offspring has over 25 years’ experience in selecting the best combination of construction and material for SPM operations and offshore environment.

Benefits of Rubber Hoses

Continuous long length hoses present many opportunities to the offshore industry for a range of applications including extended well testing, early field development and use in mid-water transfer systems. Rubber hoses are lighter, easier to handle and quicker to install than steel pipes resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

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