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Pick-Up Ropes /
Messenger Ropes

Offspring International supplies floating pick-up ropes and messenger ropes for connection to the ship end of the chafe chain.

Floating pick-up ropes and messenger ropes are used to recover the chafe chain connecting the SPM offloading buoy's mooring hawser to the ship.

The rope must be highly visible so that it can be easily spotted, resistant to the effects of sea water and UV light, and light enough to be easily handled.

Once the rope is pulled onto the vessel, it is attached to a winch and the chafe chain lifted out of the water and pulled onto the vessel where it is locked in position.

Pick-Up Ropes / Messenger Ropes Specifications

Offspring International uses Lankhorst Ropes’ Tipto®EIGHT and Tipto®TWELVE ropes as the primary floating pick-up rope for Single Point Mooring systems.

Manufactured in high visibility yellow, and typically 120 – 180 metres long and 24 – 80 mm in diameter, the pick-up rope features an eye at each end for connecting to the chafe chain and vessel. Tipto® ropes exhibit the high breaking strength, excellent abrasion resistance and energy absorption needed to ensure a long service life, and therefore provide a low cost of ownership.

The rope’s small diameter and low weight provides easy handling on board, with the rope becoming more flexible and easier to handle with extensive use. Tipto®EIGHT and Tipto®TWELVE maintain their outstanding properties even after long periods in sea water.

  • Flexible, easy to handle and splice
  • Specific gravity 0.93
  • Fully UV stabilised
  • Available in high visibility yellow
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and strength
  • Wet strength equal to dry strength
  • Permanent flotation in water.

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