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Fluid Transfer

Offspring International offers a range of high quality equipment to ensure safe and efficient fluid transfer operations between pipeline, buoy and tanker including hoses, valves and actuators, PLEM control and breakaway couplings.

Fluid Transfer Hoses

Offspring International offers a range of hoses for a variety of fluid transfer applications and other items for their safe installation and operation including:

  • Single Carcass Hoses
  • Double Carcass Hoses
  • FreeFlex Hoses
  • Long Length Hoses
  • Hoses for Reeling Systems
  • Dock Hoses
  • LPG Hoses
  • Hose End Valves
  • Ancillary Items

All hoses produced by Offspring’s partner, MAN Oil & Marine, are manufactured and tested in accordance with industry standards. Single carcass and double carcass floating and submarine hoses, and reel hoses are produced to GMPHOM 2009, with the rest of the range following other industry standards.

Valves & Actuators

Working with our valve partner, Marine Division, Offspring offers customers access to the valve ranges of the world’s leading manufacturers to suit the requirements of a variety of offloading systems including SPM, CBM, PLET and PLEM.

All valves supplied by Offspring are designed and manufactured under quality systems in accordance with ISO 9001 and to the applicable international standards.

PLEM Control

Smooth operation of the valves is critical to control flow to and from terminals as well as maximising tanker movements and trouble-free scheduling. Offspring International offers a variety of PipeLine End Manifold (PLEM) control systems which can be operated from the surface or subsea.

Breakaway Couplings

Fluid transfer operations in harsh offshore environments are at risk of tanker breakaway and internal surge pressures, causing oil spills and damage to hoses and fittings. To mitigate these risks Offspring International offers a range of marine breakaway couplings from leading producers.

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