Breakaway Couplings

Fluid transfer operations in harsh offshore environments are at risk of tanker breakaway and internal surge pressures, causing oil spills and damage to hoses and fittings. To mitigate the risks of transfer operations Offspring International offers a range of marine breakaway couplings from leading producers.

Breakaway couplings are an essential component in maintaining the environmental integrity of tanker offloading operations, providing passive hose string protection against excessive axial tension and internal surge pressures. These primarily occur as a result of tanker breakouts, caused by excessive environmental forces parting mooring hawsers, over-stressing the hose and potentially rupturing them. While the hose’s internal pressure can surge as a result of an incorrectly operated valve closing against the flow of fluid, leading to the hose’s carcass/carcasses or fittings becoming damaged.

To determine the appropriate valve and provide reliable transfer operations, Offspring works with the customer to determine the following system details:

  • • Terminal location
  • • Environmental conditions
  • • Pipeline size
  • • Product flow rate
  • • Product pressure

All marine breakaway couplings supplied by Offspring International are designed and manufactured under quality systems in accordance with ISO 9001 and OCIMF guidelines.

Petal Valve Coupling

Seamlessly integrated within the flexible hose string, petal valve couplings use flanged ANSI connections for direct bolting to hose end flanges, together with optional buoyancy units. The coupling is full bore ensuring uninterrupted flow and zero pressure loss.

On-site Reassembly After Activation
The petal valve’s design makes it uniquely capable of on-site reassembly after activation and can be quickly back in service following an incident, reducing terminal downtime. There is no need to return the coupling to be reset.

Benchmark Setting Design
The coupling’s petal valve closure design sets a benchmark for minimal oil leakage and petal valve engineering integrity, while the forged metal construction is built to last. The coupling also allows breakout load and surge pressure to be adjusted to suit specific SPM / terminal applications.

Rapid Activation
The coupling separates when a pre-set load or internal pressure exceeds break bolt capacity, forcing the coupling apart. The central sleeve is pulled out allowing closure of the petal valves within a few seconds, significantly reducing oil flow. Continued axial load forces the second set of weak bolts to break, allowing the sleeve to separate and activate the downstream valve petals.

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