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Offspring International

Offspring International provides a fully integrated design and supply of equipment for mooring, offloading and performance monitoring systems to optimise both offshore and quayside operations.

With over 30 years of experience supplying mooring systems, Offspring International has an unrivalled knowledge of offshore terminal loading and offloading allowing us to offer a range of high performance equipment for applications including Single Point Mooring, Conventional Buoy Mooring, Offshore Wind Mooring, Fluid Transfer & Performance Monitoring.  

Our Team

Offspring International is a dedicated team of mooring professionals, including Mark Brooks, Nigel Grainger, and David Rowley, together bringing over 150 years combined experience in the design, supply and deployment of offshore mooring systems to each project.

As a leading supplier of mooring equipment, the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) often asks Offspring International’s team to contribute their knowledge and experience to the continuing development of Single Point Mooring best practice.

Mark Brooks

Mark Brooks

Nigel Grainger

Nigel Grainger

David Rowley

Commitment to Quality

Consistent with our commitment to offer fit-for-purpose mooring, offloading and performance monitoring systems, Offspring International is compliant with ISO 9001-2015 and other industry-related quality management systems, all relevant safety and environmental standards. Our ISO 9001-2015 certificate can be downloaded here.

In addition, all equipment supplied by Offspring International is verified by the leading classification societies and supplied with the appropriate certification.

Customer Service

Offspring International values long-term, customer relationships and so a commitment to excellence in customer service is one of our key strengths.

Offspring goes beyond the normal, high level of pre-sales technical advice and project management expected when delivering mooring systems on-time and within budget, to include post-installation reviews and through life operator support.

Our Products & Applications

Single Point Moorings

Offspring International supplies a range of SPM and tandem offtake mooring systems including single or dual hawser configuration, single leg-type mooring hawser and grommet-type mooring hawser.

Conventional Buoy Moorings

Where there are limited quay facilities, or infrequent loading / offloading operations, Offspring International offers Conventional Buoy / Multi Buoy Moorings.


Offspring International offers a range of equipment for FPSO, FSO & FLNG; from offshore grade mooring chains to mooring hawsers, chafe chains and offloading hoses.

Tandem Mooring

For tandem moorings, Offspring International offers a range of OCIMF compliant equipment including mooring hawsers, chafe chains and offloading hoses.

Fluid Transfer

For safe and efficient fluid transfer operations between pipeline, buoy and tanker, Offspring International offers a range of high quality hoses, offshore valves and control systems.

Mooring & Offloading Performance Monitoring

To help terminal operators optimise operations, Offspring works with partner Moorsure to offer an industry leading performance monitoring system combining traditional telemetry systems and cutting-edge machine learning software.

Navigational Moorings

Offspring International offers the complete mooring assembly for navigational buoy moorings including mooring lines or chains, sinkers, shackles, swivels and bridles.

Offshore Wind Moorings

Working with partner Moorsure, Offspring International offers an integrated design, analysis and supply package for Offshore Wind moorings, providing both chain and fibre rope mooring systems together with anchors, connectors, and mooring system performance monitoring.

Other Mooring Solutions

Using our team’s experience and expertise, Offspring International is also able to support other mooring applications including renewables, chain ferries, port operations, aquaculture etc.