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Offspring International has been supplying navigational buoy moorings for over 30 years. We offer the complete mooring assembly, comprising sinkers, shackles, swivels, bridles and pendant chain.

Offspring International works closely with buoy manufacturers and component suppliers to manage all aspects of navigational mooring system supply; overseeing manufacture, testing, trial-fit, assembly and delivery.

System Design

Navigational Moorings commonly use open link chain, however, on occasion stud-link chain can be used as an alternative. The comparatively lighter weight means that most applications will adopt open link studless chain and this is perfectly suitable for mooring buoys. Chain can be supplied self-coloured, i.e. uncoated, or it may be bitumen coated, painted or even galvanised.

Equally, over time, wear will occur with the tidal movement raising and lowering the buoy, constantly creating friction between each contact point of the links resulting in a reduced link diameter and therefore affecting the load characteristics.

This can be accelerated when hard surfaces such as rocks on the seabed are in contact during tidal movement, consequently consideration should be given to the “Thrash” area. Multiple factors need to be taken into account when deciding upon the moorings including the location, seabed and weather conditions.

Other factors that should be considered when designing a mooring system relate to the importance of ensuring that the correct weight of mooring chain is used so as not to compromise the buoy. Often the use of larger diameter chain in the “Thrash” area can increase the life expectancy of the mooring system.

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