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Tandem Moorings are typically used at floating production and storage facilities such as FPSO, FSO and FLNG. Offspring International offers bespoke packages for tandem moorings from supply of the entire offtake system to replacement of existing equipment.

As a leading supplier of mooring systems for over 30 years, Offspring International has an unrivalled knowledge of offshore terminal loading and offloading including tandem moorings.

During tandem mooring, the offtake tanker approaches the rear of the storage vessel and a connection is formed between the stern of the floating storage facility and the bow of the tanker using a mooring hawser.

Depending on whether the offtake vessel is a bow loading tanker or conventional tanker, a fluid transfer hose will either be connected to the bow manifold or, like Single Point Mooring (SPM) and Conventional Buoy Mooring (CBM) systems, a floating hose string will be attached to the cargo manifold, typically mid-ship.

OCIMF Compliant Tandem Mooring Range

Offspring’s full range of equipment for mooring and offloading operations at floating production and storage facilities is manufactured and supplied in strict accordance with the latest guidelines from the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF), including OCIMF 2018 ‘Guidelines for Offshore Tanker Operations’ and OCIMF 2000 ‘Guidelines for the Purchasing & Testing of SPM Hawsers’.

Bespoke Tandem Mooring packages can include:

Mooring Hawsers

Offspring’s range of tandem mooring hawsers comply with OCIMF recommendations that operators’ selection criteria should not only include strength but also energy absorption and fatigue performance. Detailed information on this can be found in the OCIMF 2018 ‘Guidelines for Offshore Tanker Operations’.

Offspring International uses premium quality yarns of multifilament nylon, HT polyester and blended fibres in the manufacture of mooring hawsers.

Chafe Chains

Chafe Chains are designed to help connect the tanker to the mooring hawser without the vessel damaging the synthetic rope. Offspring International supplies a full range of OCIMF compliant Chafe Chains, as well as customer bespoke assemblies configured to individual operator specifications.

Offloading Hoses

Offspring International offers a range of hoses for a variety of fluid transfer applications. Hoses suitable for tandem moorings include:

  • Single Carcass Hoses
  • Double Carcass Hoses
  • Hoses for Reeling Systems

Other hoses available from Offspring International:

  • FreeFlex Hoses
  • Long Length Hoses
  • Dock Hoses
  • LPG Hoses
  • Hose End Valves
  • Ancillary Items

All hoses supplied by Offspring International are produced by MAN Oil & Marine and manufactured and tested in accordance with applicable industry standards. Single / double carcass floating and submarine hoses, and reel hoses are produced to GMPHOM 2009, with the rest of the range following other industry standards.

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