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OCIMF Chafe Chains

As part of a comprehensive range of equipment for Single Point Mooring systems, Offspring International offers OCIMF compliant Chafe Chains, as well as bespoke assemblies.

Chafe Chains are designed to help connect the tanker to the SPM buoy's mooring hawser without the vessel damaging the synthetic rope.  

Since 1978, the Oil Companies International Marine Forum’s (OCIMF) has been making recommendations for equipment employed in the Bow Mooring of Conventional Tankers at Single Point Moorings.

In the 1st edition (2018), the OCIMF recommended chafe chain grades are R3 or R4 in accordance with the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) W22 rules. Offspring International supplies a full range of OCIMF compliant Chafe Chains, as well as customer bespoke assemblies configured to individual operator specifications.

  • Chafe Chain A OCIMF 2018, 1st Edition – for use with full range of ship sizes
  • Chafe Chain B OCIMF 2018, 1st Edition – for use with ships of 350,000 tonnes or less deadweight
  • Chafe Chains A and B as per OCIMF 1993, 3rd Edition
  • Weak links, Kenter shackles, Joining shackles, Delta plates etc.
  • Topside SPM Bridle Assemblies.


To ensure terminal offloading remains fully operational it is imperative that the chafe chain, like the mooring hawsers, is protected from unnecessary wear and tear. Preventing abrasion and excessive movement of the chain will significantly enhance its service life. When the berth is unoccupied, each chafe chain may be supported by flotation devices.

Offspring International offers a range of chain support buoys with a typical reserve buoyancy of 900kg up to 5000kg – in addition, our flexible manufacturing process allows us to produce products to suit our customers exact buoyancy requirements.

The buoys can be supplied with swivel eyes top and bottom for connection by a short length of chain to the end link of the chafe chain, adjacent to the hawser. Alternatively, the buoys can be supplied as a chain through / locking plate arrangement chain support buoy.

Chafe Chains Support Buoys

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