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Mooring Line

Offspring International offers a range of mooring line connectors for long subsea mooring lines. The choice of mooring line connector will often be driven by the installation methodology and the handling issues arising from the mooring line deployment.

Typically long subsea mooring lines, 800m or more, are manufactured as rope segments which are connected together with mooring line connectors.

Each reel containing a single segment is delivered to either a mooring installation vessel or anchor handling vessel (AHV). Here it is over boarded. Each rope segment is connected by a mooring line connector.

The type of mooring connector used when over boarding will vary. Making the mooring connection on the deck of the vessel is different from making the connection using a crane barge where the rope is suspended. In addition, adopting a pre-tensioning mooring line installation methodology may also impact on connector design.

Regardless of the installation method, all connectors will have the same basic characteristics:

  • Lightweight
  • Small and compact
  • Meet the required design strength and fatigue life
  • Rope friendly and maximum splice efficiency.

Offspring International supply a range of mooring line connection solutions to meet industry needs in the form of the LankoFirst fibre rope connector (a design collaboration between Offspring International, Lankhorst and First Subsea) and traditional mooring jewellery: thimble rolls, H-links, Pear links and Y-links.

We are continuously striving to develop and optimise the functional requirements of the connectors.

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