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Offspring International has over 30 years’ experience in the supply of high holding power anchors for Single Point Mooring and Conventional Buoy Mooring systems.

Mooring anchors are a vital part of terminal and offshore fluid transfer systems.

Offspring International offers a range of high holding power drag anchors for both Single Point Mooring and Conventional Buoy Mooring systems. These high hold drag anchors are designed primarily for larger mobile and permanent mooring systems and have a proven track record in applications across the world.

The way in which anchors are used depends on the choice of offloading system. In a SPM system the anchors are used to hold the offloading buoy in place. In a CBM system anchors are used to hold the mooring buoys in place.  The number and size of anchors will vary depending on the mooring system.

Single Point Mooring (SPM) Systems
The buoy is moored to the seabed using anchors, anchor chains, chain stoppers etc, typically in a catenary mooring configuration. Held securely, the weight of the chain anchor lines restricts the movement of the buoy within pre-defined limits that take in account the prevailing wind, waves, current, and tanker size. Tankers are able to weathervane around the buoy. SPM moorings are usually in deeper waters further offshore and may be used for offloading Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels, as well as Floating Semi-Submersible platforms and SPARS.

Conventional Buoy Mooring (CBM) Systems
Multiple buoys are moored to the seabed using mooring chains and anchors. The tanker is moored to the buoys in a fixed position and unable to weathervane. In general CBM mooring systems are nearshore and avoid the need for jetties and load arms. The Offloading system uses a seabed located Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM) hose connection for fluid transfer.

Mooring Anchor Specifications

All anchors supplied by Offspring International have full type approval with DNV or ABS class certificates.

Anchor features include:

  • 2-30 tonnes
  • Holding power greater than 50 times the anchor’s own weight
  • Suitable for most soil conditions
  • Easy to handle
  • Straightforward on-site assembly.

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