Renewable Energy Moorings

Offspring International offers an integrated design, analysis and supply package for Offshore Wind and Wave Energy moorings.

Working in conjunction with a range of global manufacturing partners, Offspring provides both chain and fibre rope mooring systems together with anchors, connectors, and mooring system performance remote monitoring. All Offspring’s products offer outstanding operational performance, reliability and safety.

Offspring International works closely with its manufacturers and component suppliers, managing all aspects of the moorings supply project; overseeing manufacture, testing, trial-fit, assembly and delivery.

System Analysis – Efficient Mooring Design

Working with specialist mooring engineers, Moorsure, Offspring analyses the offshore marine and wind conditions to produce the most suitable mooring system design.

Through state-of-the-art engineering design systems and best practice, Moorsure determines the unique offshore requirements of each mooring. The precise mooring configuration depends on water depth, field requirements and environmental conditions.

Once determined, Offspring is able to use the latest Computer Aided Design technology to produce “As Built” drawings and fully documented manuals for any mooring system to accompany the QA and/or independent inspection authority certification.

Chain & Anchors – Strength and Reliability

Offspring has 30 years’ experience in the supply of chain and anchors for offshore mooring systems, supplying over 80,000 tonnes of the highest quality offshore grade anchor chains and fittings for projects around the world including Spar and FPU Platforms, CALM Buoys and FPSO.

Working with our chain partner of more than 20 years, Offspring has access to the world’s largest production capacity for offshore grade mooring chain and the ability to meet the most demanding technical requirements in the shortest possible time frame.

Offspring supplies stud link and studless mooring chains up to and including 187mm diameter in all offshore grades: R3, R3S, R4, R4S and R5.

Ropes – Industry Leading Strength

Offspring International and partner Lankhorst Offshore offer a range of industry leading mooring ropes including Lankhorst DOUBLE BRAID 32/64 Brand and Lankhorst GAMA98®, constructed from Nylon, Polyester or Dyneema® to suit the mooring configuration.

With access to Lankhorst Offshore’s dedicated rope design, production and testing facility at Viana do Castelo, Portugal, Offspring is able to develop and provide ropes to meet the latest international industry standards and customer specifications.

For shallow water moorings GAMA98® ropes are able to be pre-laid, reducing the time required to connect the ropes to the floating structure.

Mooring Monitoring – Live System Analysis

Offshore Ops

Developed over 12 years, Offspring’s Offshore Ops system has been deployed to monitor a variety of mooring systems across the globe. The compact modular system provides ‘live’ data on a wide range of operational and environmental factors seamlessly integrated into a single, secure software package. Should pre-set parameters be met the system can automatically notify key personnel in real-time via SMS message, while long term data collection allows performance monitoring.

Smart Mooring Integrity Checker

Produced by Offspring partner AMOG Consulting, the Smart Mooring Integrity Checker (SMIC) system uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to monitor mooring lines and detect failures even in benign conditions.

By comparing predicted system performance in the prevailing environment with measured performance SMIC can determine if there are any indicators of mooring line failure before damaging conditions occur.

SMIC is able to use existing monitoring equipment making the system extremely cost-effective. In addition, unlike other monitoring technologies, the Smart Mooring Integrity Checker is easily retrofittable without interruption to normal operations, meaning it is not necessary to wait for or schedule system downtime.

Customer Service – Through Life Support

Offspring International values long-term, customer relationships and so a commitment to excellence in customer service is one of our key strengths. We go beyond the normal, high level of pre-sales technical advice and project management expected when delivering mooring systems on-time and within budget, to include post-installation reviews and through life operator support.

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