Renewable Energy Moorings

Offspring International (OIL) is able to offer an integrated design, analysis and supply package for Offshore Wind and Wave Energy moorings. Working with specialist mooring engineers, Moorsure, OIL can analyse the most challenging offshore environments and utilise over 25 years’ mooring experience to produce and supply the most suitable mooring system design.

Through state-of-the-art engineering design systems and best practice, Moorsure is able to determine the unique offshore requirements of each mooring. The precise configuration will depend on water depth, field requirements and environmental conditions.

Offspring International works closely with manufacturers and component suppliers, managing all aspects of the moorings supply project; overseeing manufacture, testing, trial-fit, assembly and delivery to the nominated point of destination. Our product range offers outstanding operational performance, reliability and safety.

Using the latest Computer Aided Design and DeskTop Publishing technology, Offspring are able to produce “As Built” drawings and fully documented manuals for any mooring system to accompany the QA and/or independent inspection authority certification.

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