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05 Apr

Offspring International announces Integrated Terminal Offloading at OTC 2017

Offspring International (OIL) is announcing Offshore Ops, its new integrated approach to oil terminal operations and tanker movements, at OTC 2017. In addition, the OIL booth (No. 1639) will feature the Paladon Systems’ Autonomous Shutdown Valve (ASV), providing improved remote operation of pipeline end manifold valves during loading and offloading.

Optimised Terminal Availability

With an increasing need to optimise terminal operations, the Offshore Ops Integrated Terminal Management system offers extended offloading availability and safer mooring operations for Single Point and Conventional Buoy mooring systems. Developed over 12 years’ terminal operations experience, the Offshore Ops system is fully compliant with OCIMF SMOG 2015. It provides terminals with both ‘live’ environmental and operational data, as well as, historical offloading records, enabling quicker and better informed decisions on terminal availability as weather conditions change.

Self-contained subsea PLEM

Under an exclusive worldwide agency agreement with valve actuator and control systems supplier, Paladon Systems, OIL now offers a range of pipeline end manifold valve control options, including the innovative Autonomous Shutdown Valve (ASV). Conventional PLEM valve operation is usually controlled from the offloading buoy via a control umbilical, or a diver is deployed to manually open and close the valve. Suitable for both CALM buoy and conventional buoy mooring systems, the Autonomous Shutdown Valve (ASV) is designed to remove the reliance on or eliminate the need for a surface control umbilical or diver intervention.

“Offspring International now offers terminal operators a fully integrated approach to their loading and offloading systems,” says Mark Brooks, sales director, Offspring International. “Over 25 years’ experience of SPM and CBM offloading systems, combined with field proven terminal management and PLEM valve control systems, means we are can assist terminal operators in optimising tanker movements and maximising profitability.”

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