Operators are utilised for driving valves from open to closed and anywhere in between depending upon the application, control of process system, inaccessibility, emergency shutdown / fail safe, excessive torque and safety, these can either be Manual or Automated.

Working with the customer and Marine Division, Offspring ensures an operator appropriate to the requirements of the system. An operator must provide enough torque to move and re-seat the valve, as well as, maintaining its position with the minimum power supplied, be able to fully travel either rotary, i.e. 90°, 180° or linear and incorporate protective measures to prevent an oversupply of power.

Offspring offers a range of manual and automated operators to suit the operational needs of the system.

Manual Operators

Levers / Handwheels

Lever operators enable the movement of the valve and are associated with quarter-turn valves, the 90° turn will either open or close the disc, plug or ball valve. Whereas handwheels are associated with linear operated valves such as globe and gate.

Lever operators are usually utilised at lower torque, once the torque has increased to a point of oversizing it is recommended that gear operators are used. Gear operators are split into two types, bevel (Linear) and worm (90°); both provide a range advantages for manually operated higher torque and thrust items. Gear operators can also be easily integrated into an electric actuator package to reduce actuator sizing.


Bevel gears are used to increase the thrust efficiency and are utilised for linear operated valves, for example, gate & globe valves.


Worm gears provide an effective solution for safe operation of high-pressure / high torque valves, gear units also carry a distinct advantage in subsea applications for speed in operation with the use of manual diver or ROV operations.


Both bevel and worm gears can be supplied with ROV Bucket / Operation and compensators for subsea applications. These normally are supplied with double barrier protection to prevent the ingress of water – IP rated.

Automated Operators

Valve automation provides terminals with a range of benefits including the ability to pre-set operating positions which can then be optimised with minimal involvement. Offspring offers operators for all types of valves including linear, quarter-turn and multi-turn, suited for onshore / offshore and subsea applications. Each valve can be powered from hydraulic, electric or pneumatic and a combination of sources unless stated otherwise.

Linear Actuators

Linear actuators operate in a reciprocating motion i.e. up and down, typically operating gate and globe valves.

Quarter-turn Actuators

Most part-turn valves, such as ball, butterfly and plug, have a travel of 90° offering an advantage over multi-turn due to the known distance of travel and relatively low power requirements.

Multi-turn Actuators

Powered from electrical sources, multi-turn actuators work with all types of valves. Subsea actuation utilising an electric multi-turn operator complete with gear box provides an alternative solution to powering the actuator, with lower costs than associated with traditional methods, along with reduced losses of pressure and leakages within the power units.

For more information on Offspring’s range of valves, actuators & ancillary items download the Valves & Actuators Brochure or contact Offspring International

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