About Offspring International Limited

Offspring International (OIL) specialises in equipment for mooring, offloading and control systems to optimise terminal operations both offshore and quayside. We offer a fully integrated supply of equipment for SPM and CBM buoy mooring, hoses, breakaway couplings, PLEM autonomous shutdown valve technology, together with a comprehensive terminal monitoring and management system. Using experience and expertise gained over 25 years, OIL is able to support other mooring applications including renewables, chain ferries, port operations, aquaculture etc.

Offspring International is a dedicated team of mooring professionals, bringing together over 150 years combined experience in the design, supply and deployment of offshore mooring systems. We are an active member of the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF), contributing our knowledge and experience to Single Point Mooring best practice.

OIL supplies a range of SPM and tandem offtake mooring systems following the OCIMF 2007 “Recommendations for Equipment Employed in the Bow Mooring of Conventional Tankers at Single Point Moorings”, including single or dual hawser configuration, single leg-type mooring hawser and grommet-type mooring hawser manufactured and supplied in strict accordance with the OCIMF 2000 ‘Guidelines for the Purchasing and Testing of SPM Hawsers’.

All OIL SPM systems and products offer outstanding operational performance, reliability and safety, and include chafe chains, mooring hawsers, pick-up and messenger ropes, support buoys, shackles, associated fittings and load-monitoring equipment.

OIL is the exclusive worldwide agent for Lankhorst Offshore for SPM systems and Paladon Systems’ Pipeline End Manifold Control Systems, as well as international agent for MAN Oil & Marine floating marine and submarine offloading hoses. In addition, Offspring has a strong partnership with fluid transfer systems specialist Techflow Marine; OIL offers Techflow’s Quay Reel® flexible loading and unloading system. Offspring International also offers Offshore Ops’ Integrated Terminal Management System.

Lankhorst Offshore

The Lankhorst Offshore rope production facility for deepwater mooring ropes and single point mooring (SPM) hawsers is a purpose built factory at Viana do Castello, on the coast about 80 km north of Porto, Portugal.

The factory covers some 3,600m² production facilities together with 2,400m² storage area. In addition to rope production machinery, the factory includes a large SPM make-up and storage area reflecting the factory’s increased SPM production capacity.

Modern production and testing equipment permit all the following activities to be undertaken in-house:

• Length Measurement System (LMS) under tension <20 tonnes

• Length marking under tension in 75m increments

• Axial (anti-twist) line marking

• Full scale proto-type testing

• Break strength testing <1200 tonnes

• Tension-tension fatigue testing

• Stiffness and elongation testing

• Simulation of installation and “What If” scenarios.

MAN Oil & Marine

Under an international agent agreement with MAN Oil & Marine, Offspring supplies a range of GMPHOM 2009 compliant offloading hoses including:

• Single Carcass Hoses

• Double Carcass Hoses

• FreeFlex Hoses

• Long Length Hoses

• Hoses for Reeling Systems

• Dock Hoses

• LPG Hoses

• Ancillary Items

Paladon Systems

With Paladon Systems, a subsea valve actuator and control system specialist, OIL provides PLEM control systems for CALM Buoys, CBM’s and FPSO’s including the Autonomous Shutdown Valve (ASV). The innovative ASV utilises pipeline pressure to provide the energy to operate the subsea valves.

Offshore Ops

In keeping with tanker loading Best Practice, Offspring International, working in partnership with Offshore Ops, offers industry-leading software and technologies for better managing mooring and offloading operations. The compact modular system offers a range of terminal management, environmental, and equipment monitoring devices, seamlessly integrated into a single, secure software package.

In addition, the software enables improved efficiency in terminal management by allowing comprehensive monitoring and control over consignment scheduling, asset management and, policy and procedural adherence.

Techflow Marine

Offspring International also has a strong working relationship with Techflow Marine, offering the Quay Reel flexible loading and unloading system. Quay Reel offers significant improvements over conventional port and terminal fluid transfer systems resulting in reduced loading times, reduced demurrage, smaller footprint, and increased safety and reliability.

Commitment to Quality

Consistent with its commitment to offer fit-for-purpose, mooring systems, OIL is compliant with ISO 9001-2015 and other industry-related quality management systems, all relevant safety and environmental standards. Our ISO 9001-2015 certificate can be downloaded here. In addition, all equipment supplied by OIL is approved by the leading classification societies and supplied with the appropriate certification.

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