Valves & Actuators

Working with Marine Division and Paladon Systems, Offspring International offers a range of high quality offshore valves and control systems ensuring safe and efficient fluid transfer operations between pipeline, buoy and tanker.

Valves are essential to the function of loading and offloading systems. Offspring offers its customers access to the valve ranges of the world’s leading manufacturers to suit the requirements of a variety of offloading systems including SPM, CBM, PLET and PLEM.

Offspring International is able to supply all valves from ball, butterfly, gate (including through conduit), globe, check and plug valves either manual or actuated. All valves supplied by Offspring are designed and manufactured under quality systems in accordance with ISO 9001 and to the applicable standards including those set out by the American Petroleum Institute (API), American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Please find below typical maximum operating pressure per class at ambient temperatures.

Valve Selection

In order to select the appropriate valve and provide reliable transfer operations, Offspring works with the customer to determine as minimum the following details:

  • • Purpose (On / Off / Control)
  • • Type
  • • Pipeline size
  • • Pressure rating
  • • End connection
  • • Process data:
  • -Design pressure
  • -Design temperature
  • -Operating pressure
  • -Operating temperature
  • -Body and trim material (if known)
  • -Process media
  • -Functionality of the valve (On / Off / Control)
  • -Special requirements
  • -Operation (Manual / Actuated).

By determining these vital parameters, Offspring International can supply valves which contribute to a cost-effective system that meets or exceeds the operational performance and required service life.

For more information on Offspring’s range of valves, actuators & ancillary items download the Valves & Actuators Brochure or contact Offspring International

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