Buoy & Subsea Valves

Located within the CALM, on the buoy as well as subsea with the PLEM (Pipeline End Manifold) and PLET (Pipeline End Termination), valves are utilised as On & Off type, controlling the transfer of fluid.

Offspring offers a range of ball or through conduit valves suitable for emergency shutdown, flowline, isolation, manifold, pig launching and receiving, PLEM (Pipeline End Manifold), PLET (Pipeline End Termination) and risers.

Examples of Offspring’s range of buoy and subsea valves include:

API6D – Ball Valve

Key Features:

  • • -101 to 350 °C
  • • Soft or metal seated with hard facing on ball and seats
  • • Self-relieving (Standard)
  • • Double piston available upon request
  • • Combination of above-mentioned seats
  • • Double Block and Bleed Design (DBB)
  • • Secondary seals
  • • Anti-static
  • • Anti-blowout stem
  • • Sealant injection on both stem and seats available on request
  • • Low fugitive emission stem packing available
  • • O-ring, lip seals & graphite options available
  • • CRA Overlay – available (extent to be defined by project)
  • • Extended bonnet.

API6DSS – Subsea Side Entry Ball Valve

Subsea side entry ball valves maintain an average service life of 25 years offering reliability and safety under high pressure and harsh service conditions. Subsea side-entry ball valves are available in a wide range of materials and configurations to meet both customer’s requirements and specific application needs. Features as per API6D along with the below.

Key Features:

  • • Temperature -101 to 220 °C
  • • Body sealing configuration for the protection of sea water ingress
  • • Hyperbaric testing available
  • • CAP Test on request.

API6A / API6D – Through Conduit Gate Valves

Suitable for pipelines including subsea and high pressure, through conduit gate valves utilise double-expanding, two segment gates. Each seat gate is machined with an angle designed to cause the expansion of the gate in both open and closed positions. The closed position provides a double barrier, and with the valve open is isolated from the cavity, whilst providing a full conduit.

Key Features:

  • • Corrosion resistant
  • • Fast closure
  • • Tight sealing
  • • Inherently fire safe
  • • Double Block and Bleed Design (DBB)
  • • Full or reduced bore
  • • Bi-directional
  • • Metal to metal seating
  • • On / Off
  • • Rising stem (OS&Y)
  • • Hard facing only
  • • Suitable for abrasive, high temperature and corrosive lines.

For more information on Offspring’s range of valves, actuators & ancillary items download the Valves & Actuators Brochure or contact Offspring International

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