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To compliment our range of mooring and offloading equipment, Offspring International offers a monitoring system which enables terminals to maximise terminal availability and efficiency, increase safety, reduce operating costs and minimise environmental incidents.

Developed by Moorsure, a joint venture between Offspring International and offshore engineers AMOG Consulting, the Mooring & Offloading Performance Monitoring System combines decades of experience with the latest machine learning software to produce an industry leading telemetry package.

With Moorsure’s system ‘live’ data can be monitored from multiple locations within the terminal, on board the tanker and remotely via a secure Internet connection. Data from the SPM / CBM and portable vessel monitoring system ensures informed decisions to be made and implemented immediately, while recorded data enables operators to monitor and demonstrate performance over time.

Mooring Hawser Monitoring

Detecting an issue with a mooring line is challenging as failures are not always obvious. Moorsure’s Smart Mooring Integrity Checker (SMIC) uses machine learning to provide an automated mooring performance monitoring system capable of detecting line failures in real time during all weather conditions.

The Smart Mooring Integrity Checker’s technology has been proven beneficial on a number of deployments, including several major offshore installations such as INPEX Australia’s Ichthys LNG.

While the Smart Mooring Integrity Checker observes the current condition of the hawser, the Fatigue Life Assessment from Service Histories (FLASH) software monitors and predicts the mooring hawser’s fatigue and residual strength. FLASH uses data from the load monitoring system to provide a range of outputs which enable terminals monitor and plan for the hawser’s condition.

Monitoring on the Buoy

The Moorsure system uses a variety of measures to monitor the mooring and offloading operations. To measure the environmental conditions, the SPM buoy includes wave and current sensors, ultrasonic wind sensor and visibility meter/fog detector.

During operations a hawser load cell monitors both individual and combined hawser tensions to warn of excessive loads. For offloading, measuring dome pressure and a surge tank level sensor ensures any pressure surge event is detected and mitigated.

Mooring the Tanker

To assist the tanker during mooring the SPM turntable includes multiple GPS units allowing the buoy’s true position, against its plum position, as well as its heading relative to the PLEM to be monitored.

The buoy also houses a range of navigational aids to assist the tanker and ensure other vessels are aware of the buoy’s location including navigational lights, photocell, foghorn, visibility meter/fog detector, radar reflector and alarm strobe light.

In addition to the performance monitoring equipment permanently installed on the buoy, the Moorsure Vessel Mooring System (VMS) is monitored on portable equipment taken on board the Tanker during final approach.

Once moored, SPM excursion limits, tanker excursion and tanker manifold pressure are monitored in real time, together with all SPM and environmental data.

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