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06 Jan

Offshore Ops’ monitoring system increases terminal availability

Combining ‘live’ and recorded data enhances mooring and offloading performance

Offspring International announces the Offshore Ops Integrated Terminal Management system offering extended offloading availability and safer mooring operations for Single Point and Conventional Buoy mooring systems. Fully compliant with OCIMF SMOG 2015, the Offshore Ops system provides terminals with both ‘live’ environmental and operational data, as well as, historical offloading records. It will enable quicker and better informed decisions on terminal availability as weather conditions change.

The Offshore Ops system has been developed based on the needs of single and multi-operator terminals and comprises an array of sensors on the offloading buoy, mooring master’s portable vessel monitoring system and terminal management software. The encrypted data can be actively monitored from multiple terminal locations, on board the tanker or even remotely by approved personnel using a secure Internet connection. In addition, the system can be configured to automatically send alarm notifications, via SMS, to designated key personnel.

Offshore Ops’ Integrated Terminal Management system is available exclusively from Offspring International Limited (OIL).

Commenting on the Offshore Ops system Dave Rowley, director, Offspring International said, “Utilising ‘live’ data from the system enhances mooring and offloading performance, while collected data enables operators to use predictive wear analysis and planned maintenance to extend asset service life and minimise downtime. A further benefit is the modular nature of the system; this allows extra modules, such as the Wave and Current Sensor or Ultrasonic Wind Sensor, to be easily integrated, ensuring the monitoring system can develop as terminal requirements evolve”.

Offspring International

Offspring International is a leading supplier of Single Point Mooring and terminal management systems to the offshore industry worldwide. Well established over 25 years, OIL provides high quality, Single Point and Conventional Buoy Mooring systems, integrated terminal management systems, Quay Reel tanker loading and unloading system, hoses, breakaway couplings and navigational buoy moorings.

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