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26 Apr

Offspring International offers Complete CBM Package

Offspring International (OIL) is able to offer an integrated design, analysis and supply package for conventional buoy moorings (CBM). Working with specialist mooring engineers, Moorsure, OIL can analyse the most challenging offshore environments and utilise over 25 years’ mooring experience to produce and supply the most suitable mooring system design.

Conventional Buoy Mooring is the ideal mooring system where there are limited quay facilities, and infrequent loading / offloading operations. Through state-of-the-art engineering design systems and best practice, Moorsure is able to determine the unique offshore requirements of each mooring. The precise configuration will depend on water depth, field requirements and environmental conditions.

Once the mooring system is installed, OIL, in conjunction with Oiltech, a brand of Offspring International offering telemetry and technology systems, can further assist operators with detailed terminal analysis. Oiltech’s terminal management software allows maintenance windows to be accurately predicted and scheduled so that operations are optimised. In addition post storm analysis can be performed providing assurance of mooring system integrity and ensuring minimal disruption to operations.

Enhanced Offloading Operations

Offspring’s Oiltech Surge Protector provides a rapid response to surge events for SPM, CBM and MBM systems by monitoring pressure at the tanker’s camlocks. Once the Manifold Pressure Monitoring System (MPMS) detects pressure exceeding a pre-set threshold, the Oiltech system will automatically shut down loading operations.

Established over 25 years ago, OIL provides high quality single point and conventional buoy mooring and offloading systems, hoses, breakaway couplings, pressure surge protection and navigational buoy moorings.

For more information on Offspring International’s range of mooring and offloading systems call +44 (0)1384 453880, and email:

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